Monday, August 23, 2010

Oooh the Audacity!

The title might give it away, yes, I've been playing with Audacity. I did some test voice-overs and added them to an NPC, worked just fine. I might not win an Oscar anytime soon, but the main thing is it's very seemless and straightforward to add VO. I have added a few more conversations and set up some plot flags too. Getting deeper into the conversation/plot editors and really enjoying it. There seems to be a great depth to them and its easy to get sidetracked trying out some cool functions.

Anyway, nothing more to add tonight. Got a replacement iPhone as my other one packed in. Apple's service is second to none - they took my faulty phone last thursday, had it shipped to the UK, tested and a new one shipped back to me first thing this morning. Amazing!

Oooh I have a week off to book soon. I wont be going away, so I'll use the opportunity to pack in lots of work on CI.

Off to bed, nigthies!

Edit: Head Morph shot added!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


The wee break between fixing up a new pc and re-installing everything has given me a fresh head. I spent the evening working on a cutscene and I'm delighted to say its finished. It's nothing major, but I think it will add a nice touch to the experience. I'll most likely do a few more before release.

Where AM I asks you. Well, I have made a huge area, with a blank terrain. I've drawn lines using the texture tool and I am using this as a virtual plot map if you like. I have literally dropped in NPC models onto the terrain and am using the drawn lines between them as visual plot connectors. I'm "signing off" on each character using 3 check boxes. 1 for his/her dialogue, 1 for the stage and 1 for a cutscene if they are involved in one. Along the lines, I plan to add the objects/plot items that will be used or needed in that particular quest, add a script to them (will need help here.. winkwink Timelord ;)) and its then very simple to load up in Dragon Age and test it all out, as its all in one place. Once I can sign off on all these things, I can add them into the actual game.

I think this method is clear, concise and easy to test and implement. This should give me some much needed steam as I get this thing closer to a playable version.

Thanks for your patience guys, I will in fact drum up some sort of a promotional video or renders as soon as I can.

Cheers and goodnight!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

And so it continue's..

The IBM interview went really well, but ultimately I don't think I meet the requirements. Shame, looks like a fantastic opportunity.. Still might get a call yet, but I won't hold my breath.

As if that hadn't delayed things further, I just ordered a new PC as this one is constantly crashing, freezing, stalling, wont boot up, all sorts of problems. Not that I can afford it with my tight saving plan, but what can you do.

Times like these I wish I had a second person working on this with me as if something takes me out, the whole thing comes to a halt.

Sorry for the delays and everything else, will do my best to get things rolling again asap.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

WTB New Job

Ok, that will be the last MMO acronym I use, I promise. So I have an interview on wednesday with IBM, I'm actually quite physced about it, I will do anything at this stage to leave the job I'm currently in. It's actually on the verge of slave labour now. Hell, I love working hard, but thats completely different to being asked to do what isn't humanly possible. Worse is I'm held accountable when everything isn't done. Wish me luck on wednesday though, hopefully my life will take a new turn for the better.

With the developments in the last week or so, on top of work demanding too much, CI hasn't got that much love this week I'm afraid. I did report on cutscene progression along with having some operational quests in-game, so thats still where I am.

I would hazard a guess that CI will need some form of a programmer soon, I doubt I'll be able to handle even the most basic of stuff outside of the form of simple 'talk to x person' or 'kill x amount of monsters' quests.

The second I sort out this job fiasco, this thing will be full steam ahead as I hope for a release within 2 months.

Thanks for reading, catch ya's later!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WTS Hangover

Really shouldn't have gone out last night, I always regret it! A co-worker and close friend is leaving on friday and emigrating to the UK so it was a sad farewell. Back on track with Craggy Island then, have a fair amount of characters in the game world, with dialog tree's and some operational quests. Just did my first cutscene today, bloody complex, but its a really robust tool and I'll probably get addicted to making some really fancy stuff with it. I have a near 1 minute cutscene just about finished, I think it's looking quite nice!

So far I have 600 lines of dialog written (not all in the editor yet, but on paper) and its starting to come together.

I'll think about sticking up a short video of some ingame stuff soon.